Citizens Befehle

/npc create [name] (text)Create NPC
/npc remove [all]Remove all NPC
/npc add [text]Add text to the NPC
/npc resetReset all messages of the NPC
/npc rename [new name]Rename the selected NPC
/npc color [&(code)]Color the name of the NPC
/npc list (name) (page)Watch the list of NPC
/npc waypointsMakes NPC walk over waypoints
/npc equipEquip NPC with a weapon or an armor
/npc moveTeleport the NPC to your position
/npc tpTeleport you to the NPC
/npc idGuard ID for the NPC
/npc lookat [on/off]allow or disallow your npc to look at players
/npc setowner [name]Sets the owner of the NPC.
/[basic|blacksmith|trader|healer|wizard] help (page)
/citizens help 'page'List all Citizen Commandss
/trader [buy/sell] [item ID(:amount(:data))] [cost(:amount(:data))]Adds an item to the trader's buying/selling list. The cost argument requires the amount to be defined (without any ':'s, it's an iConomy cost)
/trader [buy/sell] [rem(ove)] [item ID]Stops a trader from buying or selling an item ID
/npc money (give/take) (amount)Control a trader's money (if using an economy plugin)
/trader clear [buy/sell]Clear a trader's buy or sell stock
/trader unlimited [on/off/true/false]Makes the trader have unlimited stock
/trader list [buy/sell]Displays a list of what that trader is buying or selling
/trader kill [playername)trader kills the player
/trader give [player name] [item id]Gives player item
/blacksmith repairarmor [type]repairs armors
/blacksmith listDisplays a list of the armor being repaired.
/blacksmith uses Show how many more blocks your held item can break before breaking iteself
/healer statusDisplays the status of a healer
/healer level-up [levels] Levels up a Healer
/wizard addloc [id]Add a teleport location
/wizard removeloc [id]Remove a teleport location
/wizard locationslists locations
/wizard unlimitedToggle mana as unlimited
/wizard statusView the mode and mana
/guard bouncer or bodyguardSet the type of guard selected NPC is
/guard addflag (priority) [target] (-a,g,m,p)Add a flag to a guard
/guard delflag [name] [-g,m,p] (-a)Delete a flag from a guard
/guard flags [-g,m,p] (page)View the guard's flags
/guard radius [amount]Sets your bouncer's attack radius
/guard helpLists all guard commands
/guard aggro Toggles your guard's aggression